AARP Renovation Project - Interiors

Theobald + Bufano & Associates recently completed interior building strengthening and structure for new interconnecting stairs throughout the building. This project included slab strengthening for new live load requirements and occupancy changes, interconnecting stairs for multiple floors, and monumental stairs in an updated amenity area for conferencing and events.

Interconnecting stairs extend through multiple floors in two separate towers required structural steel framing to support the new slab openings for the stair.

The monumental stairs are on the ground floor and help connect new conference and event spaces to the rest of the amenity spaces available as part of the space update.

We also included multiple areas of slab reinforcing with carbon fiber reinforcing polymer (CFRP) for new openings due to mechanical upgrades as well as slab strengthening for updated occupancy and usage.

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Concrete Strengthening, Structural Steel Design, Monumental Stair Design, Carbon Fiber Design and Construction Administration


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