1919 M Street Concrete Repairs

The cooling tower renovation project at 1919 M St. was performed over two phases.

During the first phase, the existing steel dunnage was renovated to allow for an upgrade to new larger cooling tower units. This renovation included adding additional steel beams to the dunnage system, as well as, reinforcing the existing steel members with new cap plates or WT sections. As part of this steel renovation, we designed a secondary cooling tower support system using steel beams to remove the cooling tower load from the existing concrete beams. This was done due to the damage that was found on the existing concrete beams that were supporting the cooling tower.

After the steel reinforcement was installed and the new cooling towers were in place, the second phase of work could start with the required concrete repair work to the existing main roof level beams. As noted above, these existing concrete beams were found to be spalling and delaminated. The concrete repair work included both partial and full/complete depth repairs.

For both phases of this project, our office performed initial site surveys to determine the extent and/or condition of the existing damage, designed and issued construction documents for each repair and performed periodic site visits during both construction phases.

Project Numbers

3,000 SF

Square Footage

Condition Assessment, Structural Steel Design, Concrete Repair and Construction Administration


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